Desiring You By Javad Nurbakhsh

Desiring You by Javad Nurbakhsh

Original Language Persian/Farsi & English
In every place of passing, the trace of Your step is
And in desiring You, glances are cast in all directions.
In every place of worship whether temple, church, or mosque,
The manifestation of Your beautiful face is visible.
It is only right that all particles cry, “I am the Truth!”
For Your trace is apparent everywhere in this contingent world.
Each heart, whether sober or drunk, has its own way
towards You,
And Your door is always open to all of creation.
The rose garden of Your beauty is ever in an uproar,
There where leaf, fruit and flower all exist in abundance.
On Your path intellect is helpless and confounded,
For only love displays proficiency in Your lane.
Nurbakhsh sat silent in retreat from all,
For in every corner You cause a commotion.


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