Desires of This Transient World – Magtymguly Pyragy

Desires of This Transient World
A son of Adam, your thoughts and desires,
Are all desires of this transient world,
If you engage yourself in these thoughts,
They will bring you grief and pain one day.
One day your head will enter the soil,
Your relatives will forget about you,
The prayers you read and the fast you keep will be your mates,
As well as the verses of the Quran on your tongue.
They will attack you from right and left,
Satan will try to block your path,
Strong will and heavy support,
Make up a fortress of the Shariah.
The foundation of this world,
The reason for food, support for the Almighty,
A pillar of the Earth, support for the sky,
Are all supplications made by dervishes.
This life will end, this breath will stop;
Now you can’t walk steadily on your feet,
You are the person who was able to tame an elephant,
You will now be eaten by worms.
There are the mountains and stones too,
There are springs and winters too,
There are good and evil deeds,
You will have to confront the challenges sent by fate.
Magtymguly, love is a field,
This field is visited by a soul,
Your soul is a guest in your body,
He who gave life to you will take it back one day.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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