Confront Destiny – Magtymguly Pyragy

Confront Destiny
Endless fear put us into a miserable state,
Let’s confront destiny whatever it might be,
Our head is overwhelmed with thoughts,
Don’t hinder, let them spread around.
Initially Jepbar created everything from scratch,
Some were created from light; most from soil,
My friends, we’ve got a message from near and far,
For us to be ready to show heat to the enemy.
Neither old nor young should stay widows,
Turkmen, don’t become gossip for others,
Let the enemy be slaves for all Muslims,
And others be taken towards Sonu Dag mountains.
You witnessed the majority become poor,
Some lost their way, some lost their lives,
Oh, dear friends, only God can help you,
Let Ali pull out his Zulpukar, the sword.
No innocent blood should be spilled anymore,
No more children, women, or bread should become the enemy’s share,
Remember, our soul is given temporarily,
If God wants it, it will leave us.
Enemies reigned over us,
Many faithful Muslims suffered much,
Our sons and daughters were disparaged,
Let’s put an end to all of this.
Pyragy will address the Turkmen people,
Never allow the enemy to ruin its beauty,
My friends, before we are drowned in the flood of the Last Day,
Let the enemy be defeated.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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