Come By Javad Nurbakhsh

Come by Javad Nurbakhsh

Original Language Persian/Farsi & English
I have collapsed at the start of your lane — come!
I’ve lost the valley of ‘I and You’ — come!
A lifetime I have consigned my head to the sanctum of
Your forecourt. O you the companion of those who are liberated from self, come!
I’ve let go all I had on the path of Union with You.
O the true existence behind each manifestation, come!
I’ve thrown existence to the winds in the way of love for You.
Come, devil-may-care lover, so hard to get to know!
I have lost knowledge of self in longing for You.
O cognizant One who has caused so much trouble, come!
I have taken leave of myself in desiring Your face.
The moment has come for You to reveal Your Face; so, come!
Nurbakhsh has become lost, in order to find You.
Enough of infidelity! Come in fidelity!


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