Chovdur Khan – Magtymguly Pyragy

Chovdur Khan
Goklen and Yomut are out on the road looking around,
With the hope that Chovdur Khan will come safe and sound,
Mullahs and mufti join in the prayer to the Lord,
And have finished their reading of the Koran, Chovdur Khan.
Birds flew over the mountains in their search,
Fish emptied all the waters in search of the road,
Girls and women have cut their silk red coats,
Cotton dresses and robes, Chovdur Khan.
The mountains have bent their heads, got covered with mist,
The winds became too weak to rise up and blow,
The Moon and Sun have both set, Mars has risen,
The clouds started pouring, Chovdur Khan.
Shepherds returned, leaving their herds behind,
Fishes abandoned their waters and came out to the banks,
People not being able to tolerate all this,
All started to moan, Chovdur Khan.
Merchants forgot their distant trading routes,
Traders have returned back their goods,
The Moon and Sun have both set; the dawn has broken with a sigh,
All living creatures are repenting, Chovdur Khan.
Those who travelled to India came back,
Inquiring of your brave name, joined in whimpering,
Oracles predicting from the sacred book,
Were unable to find a remedy for your pain, Chovdur Khan.
A hunter’s stretched arrow stayed in the bow,
Your name shook the whole universe, Chovdur Khan,
There is no end to the moaning heard,
Even Turan will go down weeping for you, Chovdur Khan.
Magtymguly, my courageous falcon has flown away,
My protector, my solicitor, my brother,
My gray-haired head is unable to make sense of this,
The heavy mist encompassed it, Chovdur Khan.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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