Caught with Fire – Magtymguly Pyragy

Caught with Fire
My dear friends, due to the challenges of this cruel world,
My heart is caught with fire.
My body is aching like the body of Eyyup,
No one will know, this wound is speechless.
Days and nights all I do is moan;
I’m all in tears wandering around.
Whenever on the lake I will cry:
I am drowned, oh, courageous pirs, I am in need of your help.
He who is poor will wander in poor places,
Shedding tears filled with blood.
He who loves will meet his beloved,
The flowers will blossom, and he will get inspired upon seeing her.
Sow your seeds, you’ll bring the harvest in;
Coming to this world do not spend your life in vain.
You will have a look around this world,
It is an old, old world, once visited; people come and leave, not staying long.
Magtymguly, his soul is caught with fire,
His heart is overfilled with blood; his eyes are full of tears;
He became so miserable, pleading for help everywhere,
But no one is taking pity; I have such a bad fate.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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