The Shadow By Ada Cambridge

The Shadow 1. A vision haunts me, love, when thou art near, Chilling my heart as frost nips April flowers; A covering cloud, when all…

Peace By Ada Cambridge

Peace The red-rose flush fades slowly in the west. The golden water, basking in the light, Pales to clear amber and to silver white. The…

Granny By Ada Cambridge

Granny Here, in her elbow chair, she sits A soul alert, alive, A poor old body shrunk and bent – The queen-bee of the hive….

Desire By Ada Cambridge

Desire Bright eyes, sweet lips, with many fevers fill The young blood, running wildly, as it must; But lips and eyes beget a strange distrust….

A Prayer By Ada Cambridge

A Prayer Spirit and Breath of Life, whate’er Thy name! Bear with Thy creature, Man, That makes his dwelling-place a blot of shame Upon the…