Buried, My Friends – Magtymguly Pyragy

Buried, My Friends
Lukman Hekim who lived forty four hundred years
Had his head buried in the black soil, my friends,
The angel of death grasped Rustem’s reins,
Who had a strong racing horse and was armed heavily, my friends.
Joseph’s strong desire is with Jacob,
His love is in his heart, pain is in his body,
Is there anyone favored by this cruel fate?
Even Joseph was sold into slavery, my friends.
Sultan Iskender who ruled the universe,
Couldn’t find a remedy from death,
Solomon whose throne was carried by the wind,
Didn’t remain and left this world as well, my friends.
None of the three hundred and thirteen prophets remained,
Where is the vizier of Asaf-Suleyman?
Where is that just prophet, a lion of God?
The black soil has swallowed them all, my friends.
Magtymguly will say, don’t sit there in ignorance,
Do not make your fragile soul suffer long,
Don’t live this life in grief,
It is a short period, it has gone, my friends.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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