Be a Slave – Magtymguly Pyragy

Be a Slave
Instead of being a bey of worthless people,
It’s better to be a slave of someone prosperous,
Instead of being at the service of an ill-natured bey,
It’s better to turn into ashes in the shade of a real bey.
Quit evil deeds, focus on good ones,
A griffon will also say, “my nestling is cute.”
Curses will decrease the breed of wolves;
Like sheep, be on friendly terms with those on all four sides of you.
If you are Solomon just listen to an ant,
Listen to its words, get its answers,
If you are a governor, warm up your nation like the Sun,
Be water in a ditch and wind in a wind-current.
What a deed—to satisfy one’s greed not doing anything,
It’s foolish to boast about yourself as a good man,
If you want to be successful in each bazaar,
Become money in the pockets of good men.
Magtymguly, each breath of yours is counted,
Sooner or later each man will get what’s prepared by his fate,
Stop boasting if you are a human being,
Be the pride of all the people—good or bad.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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