Aiming – Magtymguly Pyragy

My seventy year old brother, don’t try to shoot with a bow,
Its arrow won’t hit the target no matter how much you aim.
Don’t be proud of a building made of clay,
Clay won’t stand long no matter how you try to fix it.
Humankind will have the sense of humanity,
An evil, insincere man will soon be disclosed by his rusty cover;
An evil man will bother faithful men,
He surely will argue over a piece of bread.
Do not choose an ill-natured one as a leader for your long journey,
Do not keep your soul far from Allah’s order,
Do not share your sacred secrets with a fool,
Despite your efforts you won’t keep water in a sieve.
Do not befriend an shrewd elderly man,
He will hide everything he has and show his empty pockets.
If the bowl of wisdom is emptied by the Almighty,
What’s the use of decorating it outside?
Magtymguly, first of all, improve yourself,
People will think of this world, but you should share with them about Judgment Day.
Eat less, sleep less, and talk less,
What’s the use of many meaningless words?
Magtymguly Pyragy

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