About My Beloved Mengli – Magtymguly Pyragy

About My Beloved Mengli
Fate disgraced me, separating me from the one I need,
What can I do to hear about my beloved Mengli?
The earth trembled, causing all living creatures to panic,
Skies trembled as well and stars burned due to the fire burning in my heart.
There was a cruel king who left traces in my heart,
He captured Lukman, he will not come to relieve me from my pain.
He did not visit us even once a day; our grief has overtaken us,
My body turned into ashes, my soul is not finding peace.
If this transient world were a hawk it would not have given its crown,
It will never be ashamed, it will laugh, it will not be afraid of my gaze.
If I put my source of water at her service, I hope she will open it forty times a day,
She will drink the pure water of Abu-Kowser from my spring.
Magtymguly will burn with fire, putting on clothes on fire,
Burning the entire transient world with the fire of your tongue.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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