A Stranger is Better – Magtymguly Pyragy

A Stranger is Better
A stranger is better to have around on your
Day of happiness, visiting each other.
But your close friend, your brother, as well as your wealth
Are good on your sad days, when you are in trouble.
Get yourself involved in halal deeds – you will be blessed in the hereafter.
Don’t hurt the poor – your soul is merciful,
A man in love will say you have enough wisdom,
If you are wise, listen to my words attentively.
A son, someone’s progeny, is the support for his heart,
His sweet love will provide strength to your bones,
Every young man aims to achieve these three goals:
He needs love, he needs a weapon, and a horse will be good too.
The mullahs will read the last prayer for the dead,
Don’t be doubtful, they do the right thing,
Who knows what they are going to do in the hereafter?
So, enjoy your life to the full, eating and drinking before you die.
If God grants high spirits to a human‘s soul,
The food will go into his mouth even if someone tries to stop his hand,
If wealth takes its path, it will find its way,
A stranger is better when he intends to come or go.
He who doesn’t adhere to a man’s advice or word,
Is not better than a dry willow,
A caring dog in your stable is better
Than a young man who doesn’t respect his friends, or understand anything.
Magtymguly, don’t hide your secrets from a friend,
Do not search for an unfaithful stranger,
Keep silence; do not talk in the gathering,
If you decide to talk, first think your words over very well.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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