A New Brindaban I See By Vidyapati Thakur

A New Brindaban I See

A new Brindaban I see
And renewed each barren trees;
New flowers are blooming,
And another spring is;new
Southern breezes chase the dew
With new bees roaming .
And the sweet boy of Gocul strays
In new and freshning blossoming ways.
The groves upon Kalindi,s shore
With his tender beauty bloom
While freshed disturbedheart brims o’er
By the new born love o’ercome.
And the new, sweet cary buds
Are wild with honey in the woods;
New birds are singing ;
And the young girls wild with love
Run delighted to the grove
New heats bringing.
For young the heir of Gocul is
And young his passionate mistresses.
Meeting new and fresh love -rites
And lights of ever -fresh desire,
Sports ever- new delights
Set bidyapati’s heart on fire.


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