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 Do Small Thinkgs Wit..>2020-05-27 04:47 205K 
 Don't Be Afraid To F..>2020-05-27 04:47 354K 
 Don't Follow The Cro..>2020-05-27 04:47 576K 
 Don't Waste Your Tim..>2020-05-27 04:47 205K 
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 Enjoy Your Life Toda..>2020-05-27 04:47 406K 
 Even Tied In A Thous..>2020-05-27 04:47 495K 
 If Today Were The La..>2020-05-27 04:47 192K 
 If You Think Its War..>2020-05-27 04:47 201K 
 If Your Hate Could B..>2020-05-27 04:47 322K 
 In Your Light I Lear..>2020-05-27 04:47 612K 
 Intersting Facts And..>2020-05-27 04:47 349K 
 Isn’t It Time To T..>2020-05-27 04:47 371K 
 It's Your Road And Y..>2020-05-27 04:47 422K 
 It Doesn't Matter Wh..>2020-05-27 04:47 255K 
 James Whitcomb Riley..>2020-05-27 04:47 321K 
 Kabir Poster.jpg 2020-05-27 04:47 575K 
 Loiq Sher Ali Poster..>2020-05-27 04:47 393K 
 Love Is Like The Win..>2020-05-27 04:47 323K 
 Why Are You So Encha..>2020-05-27 04:48 729K 
 William Blake Poster..>2020-05-27 04:48 301K 
 William Butler Yeats..>2020-05-27 04:48 281K 
 William Shakespeare ..>2020-05-27 04:48 284K 
 William Wordsworth P..>2020-05-27 04:48 477K 
 Woman Is The Light O..>2020-05-27 04:48 806K 
 You Dance Inside My ..>2020-05-27 04:48 249K 
 Young Poets Competit..>2020-05-27 04:48 428K 
 Your Legs Will Get H..>2020-05-27 04:48 321K