On the path of the journey to effulgence,

On the path of the journey to effulgence,
all are invited today, hence, I call.
The Earth, swinging in the great universal swing, has become beautiful.
Today, there is no discrimination.
Come all together, forgetting rivalry, let us all jointly announce that we are one and will remain one.
All hearts are threaded in the same garland of gems. Let us all sing the song in the same tune.
There is no high or low, black or white. All are brothers in the world.
Pain or earnestness of one, is pain or earnestness of all.
All hearts oscillate in the same swing, within the ocean of nectar, singing one song.
Full of love, arousing hope, speaking in the same tone look ahead.
Extending love to both friend and foe, singing the song of pardon, let us go forward.

by Anandamurti (Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar)

English version by Gunther Smith