Why God Allows Pain and Suffering? – A Poem By Rumi

Rumi In Pain

A servant of Lord cries out to Him,
voicing a hundred complaints
about all the pain and suffering
we must endure in life.
God responds: “Those pain and suffering you must endure
on the path of righteousness,
will surely serve as your ultimate redemption.
Didn’t your pain and suffering make you remember Me,
even convincing you to come back and beg for My mercy?
Blame your own lifestyle and personal choices
which have lured you to walk away from My door,
even rejecting Me.
Go and ponder deep over this Divine Truth:
The pain and suffering you endure in this life
are the perfect remedy for your empty soul.
Because they not only help shaping your character,
but also clean your heart by constantly polishing it.
You see, it was precisely your pain and suffering
which brought you back to your rediscovered God!
Now you’re running away from pain and suffering,
and begging Me again for My grace and compassion.
Go and ponder deep over this Divine Truth:
Those so called friends of yours who always try
to keep you away from your Lord,
are in reality your sworn enemies.”

گزيده ابياتي از مثنوي معنوي حضرت مولانا درشرح دردوغم- دفتر چهارم

بنده می نالد به حق از درد و نیش
صد شکایت می کند از رنج خویش
حق همی گوید که آخر درد و رنج
مر تو را لابه کنان و راست کرد
این گله زان نعمتی کن کت زند
از در ما دور و مطرودت کند
در حقیقت هر عدو داروی توست
کیمیا و نافع و دلجوی توست
که ازو اند گریزی در خطا
استعانت جویی از لطف خدا
در حقیقت دوستانت دشمنن
که ز حضرت دور و مشغولت کنند