4 Ways Emotionally Sensitive People Can Recharge

For emotionally sensitive people, life can be a little bit like introversion. After you’ve been around a lot of people or gone through an emotional time, you really just need to take some time and recharge the batteries.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done. You need to have a plan in place to give you the space you need. What are some of the ways highly sensitive people can recharge?

1. Spend some time alone.
What I typically enjoy doing is heading out into nature with my tent and my dog. There’s nothing like a small crackling fire, campfire food, the quiet sounds of nature, and a little bit of alone time to recharge the batteries. It gives me plenty of time to consider my life and prepare myself to head back.

2. Focus on what makes you happy.
This one is easy. Focus on, and if you can, do the things that make you happy. Happiness is the ultimate emotional cleanser. Just a little bit of positivity can really break you out of a negative cycle.

3. Listen to upbeat music.
You can also watch upbeat documentaries or television programs too. My favorite thing to turn to is the documentary Samsara. It really helps put you back into a global perspective and shows you where your place in life is.

4. Just remember that negative times will pass.
At risk of sounding like a bright sider, things are still pretty good and all bad things will eventually pass. You may be sensitive but that doesn’t mean you’re weak. Stay strong and wait it out.