Conquer Death with the drumbeat Ma! Ma! Ma!

Conquer Death with the drumbeat Ma! Ma! Ma!

Who is this unique warrior woman?
Her terrifying war cry
pervades the universal battleground.
Who is this incomparable feminine principle?
Contemplating her limitless nature,
the passion to possess and be gratified dissolves.
Who is this elusive wisdom woman?
Her smooth and fragrant body of intense awareness
is like the petal of a dark blue lotus.

A single eye of knowledge
shines from her noble forehead
like a moon so full its light engulfs the sun.
This mysterious Goddess, eternally sixteen,
is naked brilliance, transparent insight.
Cascades of black hair stream down her back
to touch her dancing feet.
Perfect in the art of wisdom warfare
she is the treasury of every excellence,
the reservoir of all that is good.

Her poet sings with unshakable assurance:
“Anyone who lives consciously in the presence
of this resplendent savioress
can conquer Death with the drumbeat
Ma! Ma! Ma!”

by Ramprasad (Ramprasad Sen)
English version by Lex Hixon
Original Language Bengali